Shen Gong - Integrating the Three Treasures - Spiritual Qigong
May 28, 2019 June 18, 2019

Series Of Classes

Total # of Classes
Class length
60 minutes
This is a 4-week series in Shen Gong - Qigong for Spiritual Practice.

Spiritual Qigong is not about meditating or pursuing a metaphysical or transcendental experience. Spiritual practice is how you live your life moment to moment.
- Tom Rogers, President, Qigong Institute

This Qigong class is dedicated to the integration of The Three Treasures and the practices of Shen Gong (Spiritual Qigong).

Each class includes foundational, static and dynamic Qigong and Taoist meditations, such as:
Zhan Zhuang (standing practice)
Song (softening + sinking)
Dao Yin (guiding and leading) postures
Meditative practice

This Shen Gong class is a practice of eliciting presence and focused awareness that is sometimes referred to as a 'Qigong State'. This state may be familiar to some as oneness, being one with the Dao, nirvana, enlightenment, emptiness, or simply the outcome of meditation. From a physiological standpoint, the body is in a state of relaxation and regeneration. This transition or path has also been referred to as the ancient practice of internal alchemy - Nei Gong.

The class takes place on...

May 28 at 7:30 pm (Tuesday)
June 4 at 7:30 pm (Tuesday)
June 11 at 7:30 pm (Tuesday)
June 18 at 7:30 pm (Tuesday)

This class series has already started. Please contact us directly to register.