Introduction to Qigong - 4 week course
November 24, 2018 December 15, 2018

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120 minutes
Qigong, pronounced chee-gong it an ancient Chinese system for self-healing. It is a mindful movement practice that is designed for the release of tension - physical, mental and emotional.

The basis of Chinese medicine is that all dis-ease arises from tension - that means stress and we know that is a huge issue in our modern lives.

This course is an introduction into Qigong, it is best suited to students with little or no experience with the practice.

Qigong is a healing discipline for the body, a unique combination of movement, breath and meditation that improves the functioning of virtually all of the systems of the body and has both preventative and curative effects.

Qigong can be practised in many forms, styles and traditions. The modern approach is integrative; an easier, more engaging and dynamic form of practice. Classical Qigong is the traditional and ancient forms, which are sets of slow, precise, differentiated movements and postures. Qigong is effectively a moving meditation that explores acupressure, slow stretches, gentle flowing movements and presence.

This course is an exploration of Qigong... we will cover:
🔹What is Qigong?
🔹Qi - what is it?
🔹Qigong & Traditional Chinese Medicine - how is it connected?
🔹Roots and history of Qigong - where/how/when?
🔹Qigong and evidence-based research
🔹Types and styles of Qigong
🔹Posture - the vessel of Qi
🔹Breath-work and healing
🔹Understanding your subtle (energetic) body
🔹Practice - direct experiences of Qigong in each session

This offering is designed for people that have little or no experience in qigong and is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.

The class takes place on...

November 24 at 1:30 pm (Saturday)
December 1 at 1:30 pm (Saturday)
December 8 at 1:30 pm (Saturday)
December 15 at 1:30 pm (Saturday)

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