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Private 1:1 Program - Learn Classical Qigong

Eight Pieces of Brocade, also called Ba Duan Jin or Eight Section Exercises dates back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279). This form is an easy entry into Classical Qigong practice. It has significant positive health benefits including improved respiratory health, cardiovascular function, limb strength, joint flexibility and balance. The practice also helps to strengthen immunity and has positive effects on ageing and mental health. Classical qigong is a practice of slow, precise, differentiated movement, presence and breath-work. 

In the online format the form is learnt through 8 videos, preferably over 8 consecutive weeks (although longer is possible). There is one movement on each video, this is the same format in which you would learn the form in a course environment, in real life. 

Additionally there will be four (4), 30 minute 1:1 online sessions in which we will meet to review your form, answer questions and work on adjustments.

Delivery details:
YouTube - you will receive access to a video of one movement from the form each week for 8 weeks. This is the same format in which you would learn the form in a course environment, in real life.

Online 1:1: 
Four (4), 30 minute sessions
1st session: Before or directly after commencement of learning the first movement
2nd session: After week 3/movement 3
3rd session: After week 6/movement 6
4th session: After week 8/movement 8      

The purpose of the online sessions it to review your form and to provide you with feedback and corrections. These are arranged at mutually convenient times.

Investment is $330.

Please note that there is a no refund policy on online programs and courses.



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