Workshop - Buddha Palm Self-Healing Qigong
May 23 (Saturday) at 10:00 am (GMT+10:00)

Online Class

Nicole Lee
Class length
2 hours
Buddha Palm is a form of Modern Qigong practice for Self-Healing through Qi cultivation and directing the flow of Qi to the Zhang | Fu organ system. 

This form utilises the principals of Medical Qigong and selected techniques to help build Qi in the body and awaken the innate self-healing abilities within. 

This workshop will include practices of Zhan Zhuang (standing meditation), a series of postures that encourage Qi flow through the upper back, neck, shoulders and arms, along with flowing movements intended to radiate Qi to the internal organs. We will also delve into the basic principals of Medical Qigong. 

General Qigong Information:

Qigong is a moving meditation practice that comes from ancient China and is connected to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qi (chi) translates to mean life-force energy, and Gong to mean work, or cultivate. The literal translation of Qigong being ‘energy work’.

The best way to describe the practice of Qigong is as a gentle and restorative exercise therapy. The purpose of the practice is to release tension; physical, mental and emotional tension, in order to allow the energy of the body to circulate freely and without stagnation or blockage.

Qigong activates our body's energy system and the innate self-healing capacity of the body. Ultimately the practice is a moving meditation that explores acupressure, standing, slow stretches, gentle flowing movements, breath-work and stillness, and accompanied by a strong focus on presence.

When practicing Qigong our intention is to be embodied and present, to connect with ourselves in a holistic way, what is described in Chinese philosophy as connecting The Three Treasures. There are several fundamental principals in the practice of this beautiful form of self-care and restoration, the essence being to slow down, soften the heart and to do less.

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